E-commerce refers to online shopping. Electronic commerce or internet commerce is in its complete form. The central concept of e-commerce is online transactions.

This time the transaction may be for a product or a service.

With the advancement of web development, it is possible to do everything online, from a wholesaler to a buyer. Following this, e-commerce has become very popular with businesses such as drop shipping and affiliate marketing. There are 8/10 types of e-commerce. Click here to find out.

The largest e-commerce website in the world is https://www.amazon.com/, and the largest e-commerce website in Bangladesh is https://www.daraz.com.bd/ (Note that Daraz is the largest e-commerce site in Bangladesh). However, the quality of their service is not so good. In the context of Bangladesh, e-commerce is far ahead of e-commerce and much more popular.

Let’s take a look at the whole beginning of e-commerce.

For example, we can compare any shopping mall, wholesale market / retail market with an e-commerce website. However, for the convenience of understanding, we try to analyze a shop first.

Just as a store has a name, so does a website, which is called a domain. So again, as stores occupy places where the products are arranged, hosting is needed for their storage. 

As the store has to pay monthly rent, so does the hosting. However, to buy a domain, you have to pay a lump sum of 1 year.

The owner of the website is called the admin or owner as of the owner of the shop. And the other people in charge of this store are called User Role in the website’s language.

Many people come to a store to buy a lot of things. But, again, many came to visit just like that. Similarly, anyone who comes to a website is called a visitor or traffic. And those who come to buy are called customers or leads.

There are many beautiful ways to convert visitors into customers, such as lead generation. In the language of marketing, cold, warm and hot are the three types of customers. Click here for details.

Suppose you go to a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes. As soon as you enter the store, someone greets you and asks what kind of shoes you are looking for or what kind of shoes you like? Etc.

The one that comes forward to assist you is the live chat on a website. This live chatbot will show you all the information you put in as soon as a visitor enters the website. And will transfer visitors directly to the site admin for information they do not have.

Row upon row of shoes arranged in the store. You like the first row of shoes. But lots in price. He noticed that there were many more rows of shoes inside. Different ages – different sizes and different designs of shoes arranged him differently.

These first-line shoes are featured products (all of which are product specials). Many also put the best-selling product in this place, which is called the top sale product. These two have different advantages. The detailed discussion 👉 here.

The place where the product is featured is called the hero area of ​​the website. In addition, products are featured with promotional banner sliders.

By the way, I have skipped another term because it will be difficult for many to understand before saying. That is, the area that catches your eye as soon as you enter the website is called EBV the Fold. Here are a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used. There is also a clear idea about viewport for developers 👉 here.

At this shoe store, you finally got a shoe quite like. Then, the salesman showed you some more shoes that look the same. You chose from there.

The products that the salesman showed you are related products.

The salesman told you that this shoe is excellent and beautiful, but if you increase the price a little more, you can get more beautiful and better quality shoes. Saying this, you took him to another shoe. You have indeed chosen another shoe there, but since it is more expensive than your budget, you thought you would buy one in the next Eid bonus.

A bit better quality product than your desired product is called Upsell product.

Now you are paying at the counter and while your shoes are being packed. You noticed that shoe ink, socks, etc., are arranged next to the counter. You thought your reading shoes were old. Sometimes it takes ink. So he bought a shoe ink and a pair of socks for new shoes.

A bit better quality product than your desired product is called upsell product.

Other products associated with your desired product are called cross cell products. Unfortunately, many people confuse related products with cross-sale products. So let me give you another example, for example, you bought a mobile phone. In that case, your cross cell products will be headphones, chargers, etc.

Now, know seven as a bonus.

Why put chocolate and cold drinks next to the cash counter of the supermarket?

In addition to the above, there are more to offer on an e-commerce website, such as customer reviews, discounts, coupons, etc. These will be covered later, Inn Shaa Allah.